how it works

The Reason
Copper and brass theft is a huge problem in the United States and is on the increase. Backflow devices are being stolen on a nightly basis and contractors are installing a ton of enclosures on existing irrigation systems and buildings as well as new installations. We have 5 competitors in the area of backflow enclosures manufacturers. None of which have an adjustable enclosure (1 size fits all). We have a patent pending on our adjustable backflow enclosure.

Contractor Key Frustrations
If a contractor needs to install an enclosure he first needs to visit the property where the enclosure is to be installed to measure the backflow device to be fitted. Then he needs to place an order for the correct size enclosure (choosing from 5 different sizes). The distributors are reluctant to carry all 5 sizes because of the on hand inventory cost. Usually the enclosure will be delivered to the distributor within a week. Once the contractor has the enclosure in hand he needs to pay a visit to the home improvement store to purchase the “correct size” pad locks (this is a different padlock for most size enclosures and manufactures) and it is not feasible to walk into the store with the enclosure in hand to do a fitting. The contractor also needs to purchase “concrete form material and stakes” in order to pour the concrete foundation.

BackFlow Armor’s Systemized Solution for the Contractor
One size fits all installation. The contractor has no site visit. The contractor receives a call to install an enclosure and he installs it. No need to purchase a lock, form material or stakes.

  • Fits all backflow devices from a ½” backflow to a 2” backflow.
  • Padlocks – included
  • Concrete form – included
  • Stakes – included

Distributors Key Frustrations
Currently if a distributor would like to have an enclosure always available for the contractor he needs to have a stock of 15 enclosures (3 each of the 5 different size units). Upon completion of our interviews with the distributors they stressed that it wasn’t cost effective to carry 15 units in stock. They cringe when they do not have the correct enclosure in stock because the contractor calls the nearest competitor and purchases all of his supplies for that project from that competitor.
BackFlow Armor’s Systemized Solution for the Distributor

  • One size fits all – our enclosure replaces all 5 units currently being purchased
  • Distributor priced at the same level as our competitors smallest enclosure.