Contractor Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does the backflow enclosure product go into the concrete?
Answer: The backflow cage has 4 feet with tines that are 4” long. This will secure both halves of the backflow enclosure.
2) How tall is the backflow enclosure cage?
Answer: The Backlfow Armor enclosure cage is 30” tall.
3) Does the backflow enclosure product include the locks, forms, stakes and key tag?
Answer: Yes, our backflow enclosure cage provides all the protection you will need.
4) Do you make a smaller version of the backflow enclosure?
Answer: At this time we do not. We make a one-size fits all backflow enclosure that meets installation requirements.
5) Is the backflow cage hard to install?
Answer: No. Our Backflow Armor cage includes a simple 5 step process. Please refer to the installation video to see how easy it is to install our backflow protection system.
7) How heavy is the Backflow Armor product?
Answer: With both halves together, the backflow cage only weighs about 118 pounds.
8) Is the backflow enclosure cage powder coated?
Answer: Yes the enclosure cage is powder coated.
9) Does it come with the forms and locks?
Yes it does.
10) Can I buy your backflow enclosure product directly?
Answer: No. You can only purchase from one of our authorized BackFlow Armor dealers. Visit our Find A Dealer Page for more details.
11) Can I get the backflow enclosure in different colors?
Answer: Yes, we can provide different colors of our Backflow Armor product through a special order.
12) How much does your backflow enclosure cage cost?
Our Backflow Armor enclosure cage product will be available to you through your dealer. Please contact an authorized dealer for pricing.
13) Where does the lock go?
Answer: It is placed in the “lock Box”. This box was designed around the commercial lock. The backflow cage was designed such that there is no room for bolt cutters.
14) Can one person install it?
Answer: Yes. It only takes about 45 minutes to install our backflow cage.
15) What is the PVC for?
Answer: The PVC is used to support the backflow cage and keep it elevated above the form, yet still allow the feet to be incased in concrete. Once the cement is dry you may remove the small pipes or you can just leave them as is.
16) Do I have to take the forms off?
Answer: No. The form for the enclosure cage actually looks good and dresses up the concrete edge.
18) Can I put a combination lock on the backflow enclosure cage?
Answer: Yes
19) Can I put a double check in the backflow cage?
Answer: Yes