Budget Kages

Are you a plumber, landscaper or irrigator who sells and installs backflow enclosures?  Do you want to make more on BackFlow Enclosure installations?  We have the product for you.  The Budget Kage is an all in one backflow enclosure kit that comes ready to open and install.   Our Budget Kages come with:

  • $25 Mail-In-Rebate
  • We will pay $500 if your backflow device gets stolen while protected by BackFlow Armor’s Budget Kage
  • All Budget Kages are powder coated
  • Budget Kages are 30″ long x 30″ tall x 13″ wide
  • Budget Kage does not use hardware store “Eye Bolts” asa a locking mechanism

Each Budget Kage box includes:

  • 2 anchors
  • 1 Information key tag
  • 4 stakes
  • 2 wet cement pipes
  • 1 concrete form
  • 1 Budget Kage