Backflow Bunker


The BackFlow Bunker was created from hundreds of request for a security device that wasn’t an ugly large cage and did the job at the same time. What was developed was a steel box that collapsed upon itself to form tight fit over a 1” backflow device or a 1 ½” and 2” device.
This invention is available in two models “BackFlow Bunker 1” for any 1” PVB, DC or RPZ and “BackFlow Bunker 2“ for any 1 ½” or 2” PVB, DC or RPZ. The bunker has a steel leg that will be secured in cement in the ground. The leg is telescopic and will fit the device up to 40” off of the ground.

Each BackFlow Bunker includes:

  • 2 Padlocks
  • 1 Information key tag
  • 2 form stakes
  • 1 concrete form
  • 1 BackFlow Bunker
  • All BackFlow Bunkers are powder coated
  • $25 Mail-In-Rebate
  • We will pay $500 if your backflow device gets stolen while protected by BackFlow Armor’s BackFlow Bunker

Download the Backflow Bunker Instruction Manual