About Us

This is the story behind the invention of our remarkable evolution in the backflow enclosure industry.

For 21 years we were contractors just like yourself. In this time we installed literally tons of backflow enclosures.

We came to realize a huge amount of money was being wasted on additional labor by having our technicians doing a site visit to measure the device prior to ordering the correct size backflow enclosure and time wasted waiting for the correct size to come in.

Well that began the thought process of coming up with a better way. Then we finally had that “light bulb moment” ! We approached 8 of our closest contractor friends and received their comments and suggestions on what would be the “best of all worlds” backflow cage and what freebees would that include.

Once we had all of that information and a backflow cage prototype complete we decided to make a few select visits to distributors. The distributors went crazy with excitement when they came to the realization that they would only need to stock one backflow enclosure to cover all of the sizes that they had been stocking. Their contractors would no longer go to the competitor down the street due to the correct size not being in stock. With BackFlow Armor the correct size backflow cage is always in stock.

This is how it all happened and our distributors and contractors are more than satisfied……… “They are Ecstatic with BackFlow Armor”!

Thank You for Your Business!

Chad Touchet